Time To Shut Down Derrick Rose

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CHICAGO – Derrick Rose wants to do what’s best for Derrick Rose. He has been clear about that from the start of his long, painstaking rehab from knee surgery last spring, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The Chicago Bulls are going to do what’s best for Derrick Rose. That has been their default position whenever the topic has come up, which only has been every day, repeatedly, for the past 10 months.

Fans of the team should want all parties involved to do what’s best for Derrick Rose. They have been bystanders, cheerleaders and skeptics through this process, investing both money and emotions into the lengthy wait, constantly weighing the short-term against the long-term and mostly coming up stumped.

So let’s make it easy for them here and now:

The Bulls should shut down Derrick Rose till October.

Enough already. The networks and affiliates have more…

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One thought on “Time To Shut Down Derrick Rose

  1. Predrag says:

    Doctors make mistakes and miscalculation,
    because they are people just like everybody
    else. Only D Rose knows what is actually a
    condition of his knee. Rubio whom I had the
    honor to watch twice in Zagreb did not have
    equally serious injury. The Spaniard is the
    pride of Europe, but with Derrick can not be
    Croatian basketball fan

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