Don’t Count Him Out Yet

Don’t Count Him Out Yet

Derrick Rose has said he is not opposed to still coming back this season. He is working hard every day and trying to be a great teammate as he continues his rehab. Bulls fans would love to hear a final decision, especially with just six games remaining in the regular season. 


John Wall Backs Derrick Rose

John Wall Backs Derrick Rose

Washington Wizards point guard, John Wall, says he would sit out the rest of the season if he were Derrick Rose. Rose isn’t going to help the Bulls by just playing 20 minutes a game, especially with the playoffs looming. It would be best for him to wait and come back next season when he is actually physically and most of all, mentally healthy. 

Horrible Injury

After last night’s Duke vs. Louisville game, Bulls fans may think that Derrick Rose’s injury wasn’t so bad. Louisville guard, Kevin Ware, broke his right leg during the first half of their Elite 8 game. It was probably the worst sports injury since the Redskins Joe Theismann. Players couldn’t bring themselves together after seeing their teammate suffer such a horrific injury. However, before being carried off the court, Ware called his teammates over and told them to just win the game and that is exactly what they did.

Ware underwent surgery last night in an Indianapolis hospital. Coach Rick Pitino was with Ware during his surgery. This morning, Ware is up on crutches and wearing his Regional Championship hat.

End of the Streak

I had a feeling that if any team could beat the Heat with a handful of injured players, it would be the Chicago Bulls. Their stifling play and hard-nosed defense can win them some tough games. After last night’s win, the Bulls are now 2-1 against the Heat this season. One can only imagine what the game would have been like if the Bulls were at full strength. Many people would say the Bulls would have dominated if they had their full roster, but the same people might not have stepped up and it could have been a completely different game. 

With Derrick Rose still out, the Bulls would have a tough time beating the Heat in a seven game series. However, last night’s game proved the Bulls can still hang with the top teams in the league. Before the Heat game, there was speculation that Rose would possibly return, but hours before tipoff, reports confirmed Rose would not play. He says he is still unsure whether or not he will return this year. 

Other Stars Say Rose Should Sit Out

Other Stars Say Rose Should Sit Out

Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane said he thinks the Chicago Bulls should shut down Derrick Rose for the rest of the season. Kane says Rose is so young that there is no point in taking the risk of injuring his knee again. He should just sit out the rest of the season and come back completely healthy next season.

I think it is very interesting to see other star athletes commenting on Rose’s return. When you hear other people say he should sit out, you start thinking about it a little more. Kane makes some great points about Rose being a very young player and it is not worth the risk to come back so late in the season. Sitting out would be best so he can come back 100% and help the Bulls contend for a championship, which is not something he could help them with this season.  

March Madness

With Rose’s status for this season still up in the air, I’ve spent my time watching the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, with the many upsets my bracket isn’t looking the greatest, but I still love watching the games. It has definitely been a nice distraction. Since we all know the Rose questions won’t stop until he returns, I think I’ll just continue watching March Madness because at this point it is much more exciting than following a story that hasn’t had any news in a long time.