What Now?

The college basketball season is officially over after the UCONN ladies won their eighth national championship last night by defeating Louisville. People who were using March Madness to keep themselves busy now have to find something else to do. The latest news on Derrick Rose is that he and the Bulls are on the same page with his rehab. He is not rushing back and the team does not want him to rush back. Both parties realize how important he is to the franchise. Although he has not ruled out a return this season, there are only a handful of games before the playoffs start and many people believe Rose should just shut it down and be ready for next season when he could really make a difference for the team. 


Horrible Injury

After last night’s Duke vs. Louisville game, Bulls fans may think that Derrick Rose’s injury wasn’t so bad. Louisville guard, Kevin Ware, broke his right leg during the first half of their Elite 8 game. It was probably the worst sports injury since the Redskins Joe Theismann. Players couldn’t bring themselves together after seeing their teammate suffer such a horrific injury. However, before being carried off the court, Ware called his teammates over and told them to just win the game and that is exactly what they did.

Ware underwent surgery last night in an Indianapolis hospital. Coach Rick Pitino was with Ware during his surgery. This morning, Ware is up on crutches and wearing his Regional Championship hat.

March Madness Continues

With the Bulls off tonight, don’t forget to check out the four March Madness games as teams try to make it to the Elite 8. One of the most anticipated games is Florida versus Florida Gulf Coast. I think many people have jumped on the FGCU bandwagon and are hoping they can pull off another upset tonight. With many people’s brackets already garbage, it doesn’t really matter who wins the games at this point, so pulling for the underdogs is always fun. 

March Madness

With Rose’s status for this season still up in the air, I’ve spent my time watching the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately, with the many upsets my bracket isn’t looking the greatest, but I still love watching the games. It has definitely been a nice distraction. Since we all know the Rose questions won’t stop until he returns, I think I’ll just continue watching March Madness because at this point it is much more exciting than following a story that hasn’t had any news in a long time.

Tired of Waiting?

In case all you Bulls fans are tired of waiting around for updated news on Derrick Rose, take your mind off of it by filling out a March Madness tournament bracket. The bracket was released just a short while ago and there are plenty of places online to fill one out. Tournament games start Tuesday and continue until early April when the national championship takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. March Madness is always full of great basketball games with upsets occurring when no one expects them.