Anthony Says Back Off

Anthony Says Back Off

New York Knicks superstar, Carmelo Anthony, says he wishes people would stop rushing Derrick Rose back. He’ll come back when he’s ready, but continuing to put pressure on him is not going to help the cause. Anthony says he thinks Rose should wait until next season to return, so he is 110% mentally and physically prepared. Anthony joins a handful of athletes who have come out and said to let Rose make the decision himself and to wait until next season to make his awaited return.

The Bulls have been playing well of late without Rose. Last night they ended the Knicks 13-game win streak. Just 16 days earlier, the Bulls ended the Heat’s win streak. Rose isn’t going to lead the Bulls to a championship if he returns this season, but coming back next season when he’s ready will make a much bigger impact for the Bulls and the city of Chicago. 


End of the Streak

I had a feeling that if any team could beat the Heat with a handful of injured players, it would be the Chicago Bulls. Their stifling play and hard-nosed defense can win them some tough games. After last night’s win, the Bulls are now 2-1 against the Heat this season. One can only imagine what the game would have been like if the Bulls were at full strength. Many people would say the Bulls would have dominated if they had their full roster, but the same people might not have stepped up and it could have been a completely different game. 

With Derrick Rose still out, the Bulls would have a tough time beating the Heat in a seven game series. However, last night’s game proved the Bulls can still hang with the top teams in the league. Before the Heat game, there was speculation that Rose would possibly return, but hours before tipoff, reports confirmed Rose would not play. He says he is still unsure whether or not he will return this year. 

Streak Comes to Chicago

The Miami Heat are in Chicago tonight to try and extend their winning streak to 28 games. They have a great chance with Derrick Rose still out and other Bulls’ players with lingering injuries. It would be the biggest win of the year if the Bulls can pull off the upset and end the Heat’s impressive streak. It’ll take a total team effort and they will have to try and shut down leading MVP candidate Lebron James, who has been on a tear during this win streak. If the Bulls have one of their great defensive games, it could be a battle tonight. It will be a grind out game and everyone in Chicago wants to see the Heat’s streak come to an end tonight at the United Center.